Poop Talk

COVID-19 has caused the world to go into lockdown and shut down. With many people working from home, it can be difficult to maintain the same routine, which is important in terms of gut health too. It is well known that physical activity is correlated with staying regular. Exercise helps constipation by reducing the time it takes food to move through the digestive system. Plus, exercise stimulates the muscles in your intestines, which squeeze and help move your poop out quickly.

But staying active can be especially challenging at this time. However, the last thing we need is for our poop to go into a lockdown! Here are some recommendations we came up with to help Crappsy users stay regular at this time.

Eat your fiber – apples, oranges and oatmeal are good sources of fiber. Below, is a chart of the fiber content of common fruits. In addition to eating fiber, remember to drink at least 7 – 8 glasses of water a day. A good way to remember to do this is to measure out water in the morning to keep track of your water intake. Also, don’t think all the water at once, but do it throughout the day.

Fiber contents of different fruits and foods:

Pears   |   3.1%
Strawberries   |   2%
Avocado   |   6.7%
Apples   |   2.4%
Raspberries   |   6.5%
Bananas   |   2.6%
Carrots   |   2.8%
Beets   |   2.8%
Broccoli   |   2.6%
Artichoke   |   8.6%
Brussel Sprouts   |   2.6%
Oats   |   10.6%
Popcorn   |   14.5%
Almonds   |   12.5%
Dark Chocolate   |   10.9%
Chickpeas   |   7.6%
Chia Seeds   |   34.4%

If you live in a place where you can go into your yard and move around, remember to go out each day and move around. Experts recommend approximately 150 minutes of exercises each week. On a daily basis, this is between 20-25 mins. If you are wondering which exercises are best for constipation, it seems that even just walking each day for 5-7 mins several times a day is sufficient. It also breaks up your day. You can also go jogging around the yard or do jumping jacks. But always listen to your body and never overdo exercise. It is always better to build up your body before embarking on anything strenuous. Some people prefer to do stretching and yoga. Both of these are good too, especially if you mix it with walking.

If you live in an apartment and cannot go out, you can still take part in many exercises that are available on YouTube Channels like POPSUGAR Fitness or through your gym or yoga parlors. Always use good judgement on how much and which type of exercise you can handle. You should also test your poop regularly to figure out which foods make you less constipated and which types of exercise helps your digestive health. You can do this easily at

Most people don't fulfill their recommended fiber intake (25g for women / 38g for men). But because fiber is so important, especially for the bowels, try adding some of the foods from the list into your diet. Also remember to do some form of exercise every day.

Always listen to your body and don’t do more than what your body is able to do. The important thing is to set a time each day to exercise. The good news is that there are ways to stay active while staying indoors.