How to Use Crappsy

You can use Crappsy as a desktop website, as a mobile website, or as a mobile app on Google Play or the App Store.

First, check out our site to learn about us. Then go to Sign Up to create an account, or Sign In if you're returning.

Once you signup and verify your email, upload photos of your stool the next time you have a bowel movement. It may seem odd at first, but you have to think about the upside of being able to track your health.

Then, head back to Home to see your Crappsy Score, which is a measure of your long term gut- health, and is out of 100. A healthy poop will raise it, and an unhealthy poop will lower it. You can also view your own poop images there on that page.

Then go to the Health Page for health recommendations and products. You can get recipes and products that are shown to you depending on your particular Crappsy Score.

To change your profile settings, contact us, view our legal policies, unsubscribe from our email list, or DONATE to the project, go to the User page.
We hope you enjoy using Crappsy!